The KickTone® by Morton Microphone Systems is a breakthrough in the design of microphones dedicated to capturing and reproducing sub to high frequencies – those naturally produced in the resonant chamber of a bass drum. Other bass drum mics are available with similar design goals, but they suffer from large size, heavy weight making them unstable, high cost, and worst of all, low frequency response that fails to live up to its promise. Top of the line custom drums, often built with costly exotic woods chosen for their unique tone, deserve better. They require a microphone capable of reproducing that rich tone with full, extended bass fidelity.

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The KickTone® is that mic. The KickTone is different. Its patented technology incorporates a dynamic design whose heart is a specially manufactured hemp diaphragm that is both stiff and extremely light weight. This diaphragm offers excellent damping characteristics and durability. Accompanying the diaphragm is a high end tweeter which captures the upper range frequencies produced by the slap of the beater. The magnet is made of neodymium, a rare earth metal capable of the highest possible magnetic field per unit weight. This allows it to be housed in a compact 6.5” (16.5 cm) diameter, 4.5” (11.4 cm) depth package weighing only 1.3 lbs (.59 kg). At this size, it can be mounted over the cutout hole in a bass drum’s resonant head, while specially designed vents in the housing allow the free flow of air. Easy mounting is achieved with a proprietary slide bracket that mates with an adhesive-backed Rez Ring adaptor that is easily installed over the cutout hole.

The KickTone mic even works on a drum with the Kickport® toning device.  The KickTone attaches easily; its slide bracket is made to fit the Kickport® outer flange, providing both secure mounting and also ideal positioning to take advantage of the Kickport’s® tonal enhancement.

In short, The KickTone is the perfect microphone to use in any situation requiring the reproduction of sub and low end frequencies, whether you are recording in the studio, performing live at a venue or even rehearsing your set list. Why not hear what your bass drum has to offer!?!