Launched in the summer of 2012, Morton Microphone Systems (MMS) is a creative organization thats goal is to offer a full line of dynamic microphones designed specifically to reproduce the unique tonal qualities inherent in a drum's resonant signature and then deliver the cleanest possible signal to a personal address system or recording medium.

MMS is a group of Musicians that had the vision to realize that the world of capturing and reproducing drum sound has remained practically unchanged over the past sixty years. They embarked on a journey to not only advance the state of the art with better drum microphone design, but also to revolutionize the technique of micing drums along the way. Although the primary application is for kick drums, the KickTone® works great on Bass Cabinets as well.

MMS’s initial product, the KickTone® microphone, offers a bold new vision for how music production and performance industry professionals can deliver the most accurate and truest reproduction of the drum’s natural sound. MMS accomplishes this by attaching the microphone directly to a kick drum's resonant head, using a proprietary quick and easy mounting system and utilizing current technologies to achieve excellent response in a lightweight, compact package.

Beyond KickTone, the mission of MMS is to design, manufacture, and deliver optimum solutions for faithfully capturing and reproducing rich tone for instruments of all kinds. 

The initial line of microphones from MMS using this new breakthrough technology is the Rezonator Series of microphones. Look for new and innovative microphones from MMS in the months and years to come.