Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect the Mic to the bass drum? 

The front of the microphone uses a slide bracket which allows you to simply slide the microphone from top to bottom over a KickPort®. For situations that don't allow for the use of a KickPort®, the bottom of the microphone has the ⅝″ 27 threads per inch (tpi) mic stand attachment.

Why is there a Hemp Paper diaphragm?

We chose hemp because of its resonant characteristics. Hemp is naturally durable, making it hold up to the high SPL levels, hemp is resilient, making it a great component to pass the tonal signature to the transducer. Hemp also has excellent high end rejection because of the damping nature of the paper. 

Where can I get a KickTone® Microphone?

Directly from us for $299.00 - Click Here

Does the weight of the Mic on the head make the drum sound or feel any different?

It will make a slight difference in sound because of the damping to the resonant head, you will notice a deeper tone from the drum. The venting on the mic allows for the air to pass through the mic, so it won't feel any different. 

What are the technical specs for the KickTone®?

The KickTone® is a dynamic low impedance microphone (100 ohm output) designed to efficiently capture and reproduce frequencies from sub to the upper ranges (20 Hz - 10 KHz). The polar pattern is cardioid. The hemp diaphragm is 5 1/4" and the weight is about 2 lbs., the sensitivity is 87 db SPL at 2.83 Volt input measured at 1 meter. 

KickTone Design

KickTone Design

What is the Warranty on this Microphone?

Morton Microphone Systems guarantees the microphone against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase from us directly, or an MMS authorized dealer.  MMS will repair or replace the product at no charge.  After one (1) year you must pay for the repair or replacement. An RMA number is required.

Is this a studio microphone or a live microphone?

This microphone is ideal for both applications. Because of the microphone's light weight and unique stand-less mounting system, you can easily transport it to the studio or your gigs.