Introducing the KickTone®! Here is a shootout comparison to some of the leading Bass Drum Microphones on the market today.


Kickstarter Video - Here is the video used in our successful campaign from December 2015.


Promotional Video - The CEO describes how and why the KickTone® Microphone differs from other products and solves inherent problems that exist with standard microphones.


Installation Video - The CEO shows how simple it is to install.

The KickTone® is simple to use and simple to install, Plug the female end of the microphone cable into the XLR jack located on the bottom. With the grill of the microphone facing the front of the resonant drum head, Carefully slide the microphone onto the top of the Kickport® outer plastic flange and push downwards until the microphone is seated over the Kickport®. 

DRUMTALK Interview at NAMM Trade Show 2015