Here is what people had to say about the KickTone Microphone:

My name is Sam Millender and I invented a popular kick drum product that is attached to the resonant head of the kick drum called the KickPort®.  I have used the KickTone® mic several times and absolutely love it.   It can be used in conjunction with the KickPort® or without it and has extraordinary low frequency response.
During the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers) Show this past January, I demonstrated the KickTone® mic to a number of  presenters and pro-audio company representatives that I knew.  They were very complimentary and supportive.  We were even invited to demo the KickTone® mic on JBL's newest Vertec system on one of the main soundstages.  The sound engineers that were there absolutely loved it.

After the show, I spoke to several drummer friends and business associates by phone inquiring about any new and exciting products presented at NAMM and was told repeatedly that they thought the KickTone® Mic was the only really exciting thing exciting they had seen.
I am currently using one of  Terry Morton’s KickTone prototypes on all of my sound reinforcement gigs.  I believe the KickTone® mic is a great product that is definitely going to sell well.

Sam Millender - http://sonicrevision.com/ Inventor of the KICKPORT


The KickTone® Drum Mic is a unique and innovative new product. Not only is it original in design and format, it has the ability to be sold across several product categories, demographics and applications. Very few products in the musical instrument or pro audio product categories can have the same claim. 
The applications for this product range from Live sound, touring, broadcast, professional recording studio, project studio, home studio, rehearsal and more. 
The instrumentation this can be applied for includes but is not limited to Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Bass, DJ, Piano and more
I am confident that with the right marketing, careful and skilled product placement, quality brand identity and professional distribution, this product will be a very successful entry into Musical Instrument and Professional Audio sales. 

Alan Rosen
Bananas at Large® Inc.
1504 4th St. 
San Rafael CA 94901
415-457-7600 ex. 101


Working with the KickTone Microphone became a standard for our drum session recordings ever since they were presented to us. At Strawberry Hill Music, we value quality and believe that our clients and the artists we produce deserve the best possible final product as we can give them. 

There are many kick-drum microphones out there, but they are either too boomy or too hissy, while with the KickTone we were able to achieve the best of both worlds without even having to add much equalization, except for coloring. I recommend the KickTone Microphone for all recording studios out there, in the name of Strawberry Hill Music, we all approve the amazing work done by MMS.

Thank you

Theo Nogueira 

Studio Manager

Composer - Orchestrator

Strawberry Hill Music

(415) 781 9457



I recently had the opportunity to test drive the Morton “KickTone” for a few shows.
A friend of mine let me borrow it. Personally, i was unfamiliar with the brand, so I went into it blindly

When you take a first look at the microphone you instantly think it’s a sub-kick microphone, a thing I never really got into, but the moment you hear it in action you realize it is an “actual microphone”.
It's got a nice peek in the highs and a very warm and deep low end, it’s like a Beta 52 but with deeper low end, a very nice surprise.

My usual kick-drum sound is created using a Beta 91 / Audix D6 and a DBX120XP, this microphone has got it all in one !!

As an L’acoustics system engineer I typically end up being a FOH babysitter quite often and in that position, I let other engineers use it on their bands as well (most of them being well established engineers and bands) and all of them were very enthusiastic about the Morton KickTone.

For me it was a very pleasant experience and I had a hard time saying goodbye to the microphone. I always wanted to use it one more time. One way or the other it has to become a part of my microphone collection.

I will recommend the KickTone to anybody who is looking for a professional and very good sounding bass drum microphone.

Kind regards, Raymond Tabak

Audio pre-production
Project manager

The new KickTone is everything I thought it would be and more ... adding depth to my mixes in a small and easy to use package. It is stable and helps me to create the brutal kick drum sound that I need live.

Tim Harding
Metal Church, Presto Ballet


"Yep, It's official, the kick drum has never sounded better". i'm on tour with Wayne Static. Crazy low end. Our sound engineer is in love. 

Drummer - Static X, Danzig, Still Rain, Mouthpiece, Madfly, Comes with the Fall and Jerry Cantrell, MonstrO,  Engelbert Humperdinck, Bloodsimple, Cardboard Vampires with Jerry Cantrell and Billy Duffy, The Mercy Clinic and Blizzard of Ozzy

Bevan Davies


"Man, It works great!" I record with only 2 mics, so it's usually hard to get the low end right....With the KickTone, not anymore.

Jason MoellerDrummer for the The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Being in "HOT FOR TEACHER", The Van Halen Experience, We decided to use the KickTone® Microphone, because we needed the extra punch and low end to re-create the drum sound of the Mighty Alex Van Halen. The KickTone® did not disappoint. At sound check, we did a side by side test, KickTone® on one of the kicks, the other with a standard kick drum microphone. You could hear the difference immediately. Not only is the sound incredible, but the fact that the KickTone® fits right on to our Kickport®, it eliminates the need for mic stands in front of your kicks. This gives your kit a nice clean look and your band mates do not run into the mic stands on stage. I would recommend to all drummers to try out the KickTone®. You will be a believer immediately.

Eddie Studebaker, Drummer for HOT FOR TEACHER - http://www.hftrocks.com



I really like the KickTone® mic you have put together. The low end is just right and with some EQ (equalization) on the channel the mic sounds great on the kick drum.  I was very impressed with the sound we got in the live room at Studio D.  That mic has plenty of thump and top.

Best of luck,

Joel Jaffe

J. Jaffe
Studio D Recording Inc.
425 Coloma St.
Sausalito,Ca 94965